Reflections on a Swiss Army Librarians’ Information Flow

I decided to re read Brian Herzog’s post at Swiss Army Librarian this morning because I felt that his post was really valuable to assignment two and in deciding which social media tools to submit as a proposal.  What I found most valuable was that even though there was no clear policy to start with on what was posted where, what had to be duplicated and how things were updated that with time and a clear look at their processes they uncovered two philosophies that provide a great balance.

I thought both these philosophies were important and reflected on issues that perhaps you would not encounter so readily when not using social media:

SPAM – Not duplicating information over all the different end tools.  No one likes ‘spam’ except the spammers perhaps, I know I don’t.

PUBLISHING CONTENT – Equally publish content to the media tools used as part of the service so that the many groups of people that are patrons are reached regardless of which tool they use.

These are both really important points that I wish to remember when tackling Assignment two and a really good check point for anyone that uses Social Media, particularly when using several different tools.

To finish,  although not in his main blog Brian wrote perhaps the most profound statement in a comment below, “I think it’s best to go where ever our patrons are, not to try to dictate where they need to be”.

Food for thought.

Now to start the Assignment Two journey…….

  1. Hi – Thanks for the mention. It is an interesting topic, especially when (like I did) the project was one of discovering what was already in place. It probably makes much more sense to map out what you’d like to accomplish beforehand. I hope you’re enjoying library school.

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